Guided Bi Experiences

Guided Bi Session

I have a very hot, tall and muscular stud!

He is now available to join in our BDSM sessions and
we will both be in full control of you.

You can be sure that you will have an unforgettable experience,
when you choose for the Master to join me and be a part of your sensuous,
BDSM experience.

Your mind will be blown by my power to make you to do
extraordinary things that are completely out of your comfort zone,
simply by telling you to do them, with a smirk.
All of my play things yearn to please me and I always ensure that they do.

The thrill and excitement of the wild and depraved things
that you are about to experience with the Master by my side will
contribute significantly to the overall quality of your BDSM experience,

I can promise you that.

Master Ross is a large (in every sense), muscular and very handsome man.

He is a true alpha and loves to wield his power

and exhibit his superior strength and stamina.

I simply adore these events as there are few ways

for one of my play things

to demonstrate such a level of submission and complete devotion,

as they do when they agree to allow me to use them

in this way.

It turns me on immensely.

Mistress Gia and her right hand man

engage in Guided Bi experiences.

I was on the look-out for a trustworthy, professional Dom,

when one of the other Instructors at my martial arts academy 

surprised me by offering his help.

He’s one of the few friends who I’d already shared my secret with.

A perfect BDSM pairing.

We’ve worked together for a good many years

and always had a terrific, professional relationship

at our martial arts academy.

As a professional and licenced Instructor, I am aware of his ability.

I also have complete trust in his ability to control

and I know he will not cause any harm to any of my submissives

during our BDSM sessions.

Naturally, as your Mistress,

I have complete power

over every session held in my chambers.

Not only do I feel in perfect command of my sub,

but also, of a formidable authority figure like the alpha male I’ll be introducing you to.

I’m the one in charge of our sessions

and choose what happens, always.

My companion is there on my invitation, to carry out my wishes.

Exit your safe zone and try something new.

I love being able to weild such power over my submissives.

Both men  and ladies do  exactly as I say.

My professional companion  loves pleasing me, I think, as most people do.

The prospective submissive, must be willing to be tested.

One of the requirements is that they are open

to having their sexual fetish limits found and explored, in a safe environment.

Anxiety and excitement reach new heights during Bi-Force sessions,

but fear, I believe, adds to one’s excitement.

Once a submissive applies and is accepted for one of these sessions,

they must be aware of the commitment they are making, to myself.