Double the trouble?

Domme and Dom Sessions

Master Ross and I have a very special event planned for this Saturday (6/4/24). We already have a growing number of takers for this. It’s taking place in my very large, fully equipped and en-suite chambers, which are in my own large and detached house that’s set in a very high end and discreet location in a small village close to Dinnington, in Sheffield. Basically, each of you will do to each other and have done to you by both other submissives and ourselves, anything that both myself and MasterRoss decide.

Text me on 07710 825586 if you’d like to be considered for this.

Master Ross is a tall, very muscular and down right gorgeous stud of a man!

He’s available to join in our BDSM sessions and
we will both be in full control of you.

I was looking for someone to help me with certain experiences,

when Master Ross, one of my close friends, who I’d already confided in,

 offered his help!

Your mind will be blown by my power to make you to do
extraordinary things that are completely out of your comfort zone,
simply by telling you to do them, with a smirk.
All of my play things yearn to please me and I always ensure that they do.

Master Ross is a very handsome man, he’s large (in every sense) and also very muscular.

He is a true alpha and loves to wield his power

and exhibit his superior strength and stamina.

I simply adore these events as there are few ways

in which one of my play things

can demonstrate such a level of submission and complete devotion,

as they do when they agree to allow me to use them,

in this way.

It turns me on immensely!

Mistress Gia and T-girl MistressMidsomer

Mistress Midsomer looks and sounds as though she was born female. 

She has long, blonde hair, a beautiful face, real boobs,

 plus a little extra something, that’s not so small at all!

Not only does she look like she was born female, but she’s hot too!

I’d be checking her out if she walked past me in the street.

She also has a real flair for most things kink related and adores most things BDSM.

A perfect BDSM pairing.

We’ve been close, personal friends for a number of years

and have enjoyed playing together a good many times.

She’s my second in command and I trust her  completely.

Mistress Midsomer loves all of the same kinks that I do.

She has a real passion for breath play and has even taught me a thing or two!
Worship is high on her agenda too and I might even
allow you to worship her beautiful breasts,
if you’re a very good, compliant toy for us both.

The Domme and Dom sessions and also the Double Domme sessions, as with all of my sessions, are available for
                                                                          both ladies and gentlemen.