I’m situated in a small village close to Dinnington, in Sheffield and my chambers are in my own large and deached house, set in its own grounds, up a quiet, country lane

My leather bed can be dressed in either leather or PVC bedding

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  1. I’m very into anal play and have had a good many years of strap-on experience with Mistress Gia, having followed her from her original chabers in Chesterfield, but nothing quite prepared me for the Domme and Dom that I experienced with both Mistress Gia and indeed Master Ross. Wow. Not only is he a huge,l muscular stud of a man, but he’s hung like a stallion! He and Mistress were gentle with me, though and they needed to be. lol Incredible. I’ll definitely have that as my next birthday treat, too.

  2. I’d highly recommend a Double Domme experience with Mistress Gia and Mistress Midsoner, their Breath Play knowledge, experience and clear enjoyment was plain to see and I was breath-taken!

  3. They are both truly stunning, both Mistress Gia and her dear friend, Mistress Midsomer.

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